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Doing Laundry in Japan: What is a Coin Laundry?

Laundry is such a big part of our everyday lives, it's no wonder we have so many different ways to talk about it!

First, let's talk about laundromats. Known as a laundromat in North America and a launderette in the United Kingdom, a self-service laundry establishment is also known as a coin wash or, as in Japan, a coin laundry.

In countries with warm and sunny climates like Australia and Japan, laundromats are very popular. Why? Because people can take advantage of the nice weather for most of the year to hang their laundries outside, and have little need for a tumble dryer at home. That's why rainy and cloudy days are always the busiest at your local laundromat!

Even so, if you came to Japan from a cold climate, you were probably shocked to see all the rows of laundries hanging outside on the balconies for all to see!

But, it's 2020 now and people expect more from their local laundromat than just a coin-operated washer and dryer. They want security, safety and service, too! That's where the staffed laundry comes in. At staffed laundries, staff are on hand to keep an eye on the machines, provide customer service and offer additional laundry-related services.

The most popular of these is...the wash and fold. Also known as a fluff and fold or a full service wash, a wash and fold service allows customers to send in or drop-off their laundry so the staff can wash, dry and fold it for a fee. If you've never tried this kind of service before, be warned: it's super addictive! You can't beat the ease and convenience of having someone else do this time-consuming and rather labor-intensive chore FOR you. It's no wonder the popularity of wash and fold services is on the rise!

So whether you're looking for a good old coin-operated washer and dryer or a full service wash, give Japan's coin laundries a try, and happy laundering!



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