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Manga Feature: Enman Laundry's Wash and Fold Post Bag Service

With corona virus worries still in the air, the halt on our popular daytime drop-off wash and fold service continues. But don't worry, we wouldn't let you go back to spending your Sundays washing, drying, ironing and folding the laundry! Just use our convenient contactless Post Bag Service in order to continue receiving the same great wash and fold service.

The only downside to this service is that we can no longer offer same day service. Of course, we hope to resume business as usual as soon as possible, but until that day comes, please enjoy this comic we made to help you understand the concept of the Post Bag wash and fold laundry drop-off service!

Post Bags are still just 100 yen each and there are no other start up fees, either for Enman Laundry membership or Post Bag registration. Come and see for yourself why we have over 1000 loyal members from all over Uruma City!



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