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How We Keep Our Laundromat Clean During COVID-19

Now if that's not a great rhyme, I don't know what is.

Poetry aside, let's get right to business! How are we keeping our shop clean, sanitized and safe during the crisis? First off, of course, our door is automatic! No need to worry about touching dirty door handles to get inside our shop.

Next, you'll be greeted right away by this little guy! He dispenses our gentle hand sanitizer (SAEW) automatically when you hold your hands out underneath. Please feel free to use as much as you like!

Next up, we have our sanitizer bottles available for you to use for surface disinfection. You can also spray it inside the drums, baskets or anything you need to disinfect. You can also spray this directly on your hands, it's completely safe to do so.

BONUS CLEAN: Did you know there is a drum washing setting on the machines? You can add a bit of soap, close the door and push this button, which we've circled in pink! The full rinse takes about 4 minutes. When our staff is doing your laundry for you, you can guarantee we make full use of this setting in tandem with the SAEW sanitizer for an ultra clean and sanitized cycle!

Next up, you'll notice we have our windows open for maximum air flow as much as possible during the day. We also have our commercial air conditioner and ceiling fans on doing their best to make sure you don't have to share any air with anyone else! BUT! We don't stop there! The shop has 3 misters using SAEW to clean the air and air purifiers in the back running 24/7.

Please feel free to help us keep our laundromat clean and our customers safe by sanitizing handles, buttons and baskets after use.

Rest assured we are doing our best to help everyone get through this crisis unscathed. We hope to see you at our store soon!



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