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Pick up Local Okinawan Produce at Uruma City's Urumarche Market Hall

Have you ever been to Urumarche? This name is a play on words, a combination of 'Uruma' and 'Marche', meaning market in French. It's basically a mix of a grocery store and a farmer's market where local producers sell their goods, everything from fresh produce to farm fresh eggs. We highly recommend it as a place to pick up produce and other grocery items grown and produced locally in Okinawa and Uruma City!

We always head straight for the produce section, which takes up nearly half the total shop area! That's fine with us, because fruits and vegetables are clearly the standouts here. You can find a huge variety of produce items, many of which can't be found easily at your local grocery store - things like star fruits, enormous winter melons and orange kabocha squash, which is a sweeter variety of the popular green kabocha.

Urumarche is a great place to pick up staple vegetables too, things like carrots, tomatoes and leafy greens. You can often find them for prices cheaper than or similar to a regular grocery store. We found this huge bag of yellow and orange carrots from Yomitan for just 150 yen, including tax!

While staple vegetables are always available, some produce is only available when it comes in season. Here's some extra large 'snack pineapples' from Ishigaki Island, only harvested for the first month or two of summer.

Snack pineapples are special because you can pull them apart to eat them, just like tearing off a piece of bread.

Of course, there's lots of other things for sale, as well!

Freshly baked pound cakes in strawberry, carrot and wormwood herb (!!!) flavors.

Colorful irabuchi (aobudai), also known as blue parrotfish, from Haebaru.

You can also find Okinawa and Uruma City souvenirs and specialty products, everything from mozuku seaweed and purple potato tarts to sea grapes (umi-budou) and honey. Some of the most interesting things we spotted during our visit were the soba noodles made with mozuku seaweed and the selection of superfood powders, such as mulberry leaf, which you could easily add to your morning yogurt or smoothie!

The small fridge near along the wall where the drinks are contains a selection of vegan and vegetarian items like tofu sausage and ham. There's also rice, rice add-ins like beans and barley, farm fresh eggs...everything you could want in a grocery store! And just think of all the greenhouse gases you're avoiding by shopping for locally procured items from your very own Uruma City and the surrounding area.

Urumarche is located near the popular ABLO shopping plaza. We hope you'll take our advice and stop by for a visit!



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