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Enjoy Our Popular Wash-and-Fold Laundry Service Anytime Day or Night with Post Bags


Enman Laundry here with an update on our wash and fold Post Bag Service!

If you're wondering what a "Post Bag" is, the name of this service refers to the way you can drop it (full of laundry) through the Post Bag Window of our store anytime day or night, just like dropping mail, also known as "post" in the UK, into a mailbox (AKA postbox!). If you've ever seen Harry Potter, you know all about the importance of the post!

So, what's the deal with the Enman Laundry Post Bag Service?

First of all, it's easy. Since there is one flat rate for Post Bags no matter how heavy they are, there's no need to bother weighing your laundry and calculating how many tickets to buy. Just buy one Post Bag ticket from the vendor for each bag you're dropping off. Psst - it's number 26 on the machine!

Secondly, you don't just enjoy our popular wash-and-fold service at a discounted rate, you get a ¥100 CASHBACK REWARD for every bag when you submit more than one Post Bag at the same time! Many of our customers enjoy rewards of ¥600 or more in cashback savings when they consolidate their loads. Just make sure you staple all your tickets to one the form so the staff knows you want to consolidate your laundry and reap the rewards. You'll find your cashback envelope tucked into your freshly cleaned and folded laundry when you come to pick it up!

Lastly, although you can drop off your Post Bags at any time, it's especially convenient for those who can't visit our shop during staffed hours. Make a late-night drop-off or visit us in the early morning after the gym, and you can still enjoy freshly cleaned and folded laundry when you need it.

So, how can you sign up to use the Post Bag Service, too?

If you haven't already done so, tell our staff you want to sign up for an Enman Laundry store membership (it's free!). You'll get a membership number, which you need in order to sign up for the Post Bag Service! Which means...yep, you got it, more forms.

Once you've signed up, you can purchase a ¥100 ticket from the ticket vendor for each Post Bag you want and choose your favorite colors. With the new temporary restrictions on our regular store operations because of COVID-19, we are offering Post Bags for this special discounted rate!

Don't forget to write your name and membership number on each bag's ID tags, and then you're ready to fill them with laundry and start using the Post Bag Service.

Every time you want to drop off your bag(s) for a full wash and fold service by our staff, fill in your name, membership number and any special requests you have on the Post Bag Drop-off Sheet. Purchase one Post Bag ticket per bag from the automated ticket vendor inside our store, staple it to the back of the sheet and secure the sheet in the side pocket of the Post Bag. That's it - no scales, no calculations!

Drop your bag through the Post Bag Window at the back of the store and it'll be clean and folded before you know it.

You'll find the contents freshly laundered and waiting for you here:

NOTE - As mentioned above, our store has taken some steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our customers and staff, and that means a temporary halt to the daytime drop-off wash and fold service. Post Bag Service remains operational, however, so we are encouraging those in Uruma City who want their laundry done to take advantage. It also means there's lots of Post Bags waiting for service at the store, so feel free to leave yours in a basket at the back of the store if the window is unavailable due to high volume.

While we're on the subject of COVID-19, we'd also like to remind you to take advantage of our complimentary SAEW (a kind of safe disinfectant) mentioned in our previous blog post. We are keeping a supply inside the store during the day and outside at night, so feel free to stock up! The SAEW is free for anyone to use and has a multitude of uses, including as a surface disinfectant which is gentle on skin.

We are looking forward to resuming our normal operations, but until then, let's stay safe and beat this thing, Okinawa!



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