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Cafe Capful and #stayhome

With so many people opting to stay home these days, getting your coffee to-go has never been more popular. And although many restaurants and cafes are restricting themselves to takeout and delivery only in the wake of the COVID-19 circuit breaker, we can still enjoy a little cafe time now and then!

One of our favorite seaside cafes, Capful, recently announced that they are switching to takeout, delivery and outdoor seating only in order to limit the risk to customers and staff. You now have no excuse not to get out there and enjoy your favorite cafe drinks while respecting #socialdistancing!

That's fine with us! We can get it to go, or just take a stroll down the steps and explore the seaside park while sipping lattes and nibbling on brown sugar pound cake. Here's a fun fact: the nearby seaside park is called "Ryuu Gyuu", meaning Palace of the Dragon King. This, according to legend, is a mythical place located at the bottom of the sea.

If you haven't already, we highly recommend going local and checking out Capful. The cafe has ocean views, and is located right next to the Ishikawa Ryuuguu Beach seaside promenade. Ishikawa Beach and Ishikawa Beach Park are also nearby, so be sure to swing by when you get a chance!



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